Monthly Archives: January 2005

Threshold to heaven

Threshold to heaven. If there is indeed a gateway to heaven, I’ll bet it cannot be anymore beautiful than this! This is a spot on the hiking trail at Castle Rock State Park. DaKu and #if were with me on that hike…. one of the best I have evern been on!

exposures on a bumpy ride

This is what you get when you attempt dark photography at 65 mph on a free way :)

We have visual contact with the floor, I repeat, We have visual contact….

I have been engaged in a mammoth campaign to make my house inhabitable after the episode of Maximum Entropy. Looks like quite a few subjects in the blogsphere are enduring the hardships of hygienic inhabitability. DaKu’s apt is now supposed to be spotless clean (atleast so she claims). We all know abt #if’s fallen Last

Cloudy Dreams

Cloudy Dreams Originally uploaded by semantic overload. This is one of my first experiments with photography. May not be very good, but I still like it. This was taken on the ferry en route to alcatraz from Fisherman’s Wharf in SFO. You can see the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.P.S.: I have no clue