Monthly Archives: August 2005

Weekend before the one that just passed me by

It has been a while since I got out of college station. I needed a break and so decided to visit a friend in Austin. I got there friday evening, and we decided to go for a hike in a state park closeby. Deceived by the decent picture of the place in the website, we


Man is imperfect. This statement is as close to truth as possible, yet volumes have been written about it. Many a men have written treatise on this dedicating their lives to its pursuit. So I cant even begin to pretend that I have figured out even an inch of the true sense in that statement.

Seeking acceptance

It is not uncommon to see people seeking acceptance. They want to be accepted by somebody, or some group. For some it is the need to be associated with a communal identity, for a few others it is a niche where they can feel secure, there are those for whom it is being what they