Monthly Archives: October 2005

M.K. Gandhi, Nobel Peace Prize and a little bit of history

This year’s nobel peace prize was awarded to IAEA and Mohamed ElBaradei its General Secretary. Rosa Parks, the pioneer of the american civil rights movement died yesterday. These two events, unrelated, got me rethinking about a question that had been nagging me for a long time, but had never found the answer to, viz. “Why

Logic – Flawed at best

Ravages‘ post about god and religion (trackbacked to my previous post) has attracted a lot of debate. The one most interesting to me was about logic. It is amusing how engineering, scientists swear by logic like it was the holy grail of truth and knowledge. I used to be one of them, till I read

Organized Religion – A Perspective

After writing abt my experience with preachers in the previous post, I kinda figured it would make sense if I wrote about what I think of organized religion. At the risk of pissing people off, I am being candid here. I use the term ‘organized religion’ in the same tenor as ‘organized crime’. There is

Apparently, I am going to hell :)

The day was pleasent and I had a couple of hours between classes. So did what I usually do, siting on a bench near the fountain opposite the Chemistry Department with a godd book in hand. It had been about 20 minutes and I see two kids, not over 20, walking towards me. I knew