Christianity: A Maschoism Tango?

As Patrix mentioned, I was one of the organizers of Brazos Valley Worldfest. One of the displays at the fest was of Bryan House of Prayer. Their theme was ‘the various faces of Christianity world over’.

They displayed a world map which marked all the countries which were ‘hostile’ to Christianity. The interesting thing about the maps was the color coding they used. All the countries which do not recognize Christianity as a religion were color mellow yellow. These were countries like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, China, countries in Africa etc. But countries like India and Turkey, which upload the freedom of religion were marked bright blood red as ‘hostile’ regions!

It was a clever game they were playing. It is obvious that there is little you can do to promote Christianity in countries whose political atmosphere restricts them, hence a mellow yellow. However in secular countries like India and Turkey, you have the right to practice and preach Christianity. and of course, there will always be fundamentalist elements in the society who indulge in violence against religions they do not approve personally (e.g., Graham Stains murder in Orissa, India). In such secular countries, you have been sanctioned the right to convert as many as you can to your religion. So, Bryan House of Prayer decided bring people’s attention to such countries with the bright red.

Come to think of it, I dont think there is any religion in India whose fundamentalists will claim that India is a safe house for them. The Hindus cry foul over the political parties appeasing the Muslims, Muslims cite Babri Masjid, Christians cite Graham Stains, and so on. However, we have so many Christian missionaries, churches, schools, convents etc. in India, all of which are working without any persecution. In fact a lot of Hindu parents send their kids to Christian schools!

Coming back, the lady at the Bryan House of Prayer booth goes on to say “Did you know over 300,000 Christians are killed every year for their beliefs? In the US today, they merely mock us, but soon they will come for us. They will persecute us for our beliefs.”

What’s with this maniacal desperation to be persecuted for being a Christian?!? I thought Christianity was a religion of peace, not masochism!!

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