Glenn Beck’s US health care vs. Indian health care

If you needed any evidence at all to convince you that Glenn Beck is an insightful journalist with untarnished ethos, he provides a new one everyday on his self-titled Faux News program. Here is his new one reflecting his acumen on understanding of the health care systems in India and the US.

By his own admission, it took over nearly 40 seconds to do his research on this matter! Must be a new personal record for him!

Now if you looking for an article from a bunch of losers who have spend more than 40 seconds to get their facts and analysis right (like anyone cares about that!), I recommend the article that was published in the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 25th, 2009 [link].

They even have boring bar graphs to present the data related to heart surgeries in Narayana Hrudayalaya (in Bangalore, India) vs. the US (national averages):

image source: The Wall Street Journal

image source: The Wall Street Journal

Enough said. If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck, I would have never known the truth!

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