Pat Robertson, Explained

Pat Robertson is no stranger to controversies, and uncomfortably so. He has been called everything from ‘loathsome’ to ‘philanthropist’. The latest in his never ending list of quivering diatribe is his assertion is the people of Haiti are ‘cursed’ because they made a ‘pact with the devil’. His previous such statements include concurring that 9/11 happened because of ACLU, the abortionists, the pagans, the feminists and the LGBT community, and that hurricane Katrina was God’s punishment for America’s sins. Of course, The Onion has been generous enough to have its own additions it this!

One is forced to wonder: why is Pat Robertson saying such things knowing fully well that he is hurting people through his statements and hate? There has to be a logical explanation for it, and I think I have found one. My explanation is based on three important assumptions: (a) Pat Robertson believes that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, (b) he believes that the end times is near [1], and (c) he is a capitalist[2].

Now, given that Pat Robertson is a capitalist, he must believe that the capitalist economic principles can be applied everything in life, including sin. So according to him, there must be some smallest unit of sin (arguably the smallest unit corresponds to the quality of sin in the ‘original sin‘), and also that Jesus’s death is worth only so many (finite) units of sin. Given that the end times are around the corner — being a shrewd capitalist one needs to get the best ‘bang for the buck’, so to speak — Pat Robertson probably wants to make Jesus’s death more worthwhile by sinning as much as he can so that the quota of sins for which Jesus died may be used up.

After all, every ‘true’ Christian’s goal is to make Jesus’s death worthwhile (in that Jesus’s death should not be in vain). So, it turns out that Pat Robertson is actually out sinning to make Jesus’s death count for something! Now he also knows that you sin then you will probably go to hell, and yet he pursues this path of validate Jesus’s crucifixion. Could there possibly be a greater sacrifice?

[1]In fact, in the 70s Pat Robertson has predicted that the world would end in 1982!

[2]This is more of an inference, than an assumption, based on the fact that Pat Robertson is a businessman, owns a broadcasting station, and sells books for money.

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