It’s Inglis; English is so last year…

The post by Patrix on (an linking to a post on) Marathi English reminded me of a flyer that a good friend of mine  (who now lives in Gurgaon, India) had emailed to me for my amusement. The text of her email said, “Folks, here in Haryana, we are accustomed to language of the finest quality. Here’s your first lesson in ‘Elegant English’… see attached.”

And here is the attached flyer [transcript follows]:

Flyer from "Shri Shyam Tour & Travels"

Transcript of the solicitation text:

Dear Sir, Madam
We understanding that your esteemed concern has a considerable requirement of travel service during your office/VIPS visit of Delhi and other places. We are pleased to introduce our selves to you as renowned tourist travel Agent. We have a fleet of brand new tourist/A/C cars and already handing Travel business of various reputed commercial houses and hotels from all over India. We are anxious to enlist your esteemed concern along honored [sic]1 clients. We are sending our rates as under, which are sute [sic]2 you would find as reasonable & acceptable.

So, did you figure out what exactly is being offered and how? :)


[1] I wonder if this was a typo or they are well-versed with American English.

[2] I assume they meant “suit”.

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