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The Blackmail Paradox

While most agree that blackmail — the act of threatening to disclose true, but damaging, (potentially secret) information about a party unless payment is made (to earn silence) — is a criminal act, it poses two interesting paradoxes in the theory of criminal justice. The paradoxes are as follows: The first paradox is that “two

Stupid Criminals!

I guess there is something in the air, or water, or go-knows-what that seems to have triggered the stupid gene on criminals around here. In two days I saw/heard two cases of criminal stupidity (pun intended) that simply blew my mind away! How could Darwin have been so wrong to the point where these idiots

Hate Crime

It happened over 2 weeks ago. Here is the link to the police report. An Indian grad student was biking back to the apartment at 2 in the morning. A van passed by him and stopped at the stop signal… for an unusually long time. The student turned left and cycled on.. the van followed

Global blogger action day (I am one day late)

Yesterday was “Free Mojtaba and Arash Day”. Arash Sigarchi and Mojtaba Saminejad are both in prison in Iran. They have been arrested for having criticized the Iranian govt. in their blogs. Here is my support to them. I dedicate this post to them, and their right to freedom of expression.