Monthly Archives: February 2004

We Didnt start the fire

You gotta check out this shockwave embedded page. It plays the famous song “We didnt start the fire” by Billy Joel The programmar claims to have put in subliminal messages in the song!! check it out We Didnt Start the Fire

Credit Cards – A debt trap

I just received my credit card statement… damn, and it doesnt sound good at all. Seems like I just cant help myself from spending :( And to make matters worse, almost every bank I have taken a loan from or invested in their binds have mailed me a free credit card. It is turning out

Platonic Relationship

Maddie and I were discussing about relationships the other day and we both seemed to agree that there can be no such thing as platonic relationship. The way I see it, the fact that you behave differently when you are with a person of opposite sex is an adequate sign that it cant be platonic,

A week of dupes

This week has witnesses an exceptional number of successful dupes. It amazes me how people come up with the most devious schemes with innocent false starts. Once the bait is set, and the prey is caught hook, line and sink, they simply just reap the benefits. Phoolan Devi’s killer escapes from Jail This is a