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Look what the cat dragged in! Itself.

Last night, while I was watching TV, I heard loud crying. I walked out of my apartment to find myself in front of a crying cat! So I looked at it and said “What?” In response it just walked in and claimed the apartment as its own! I guess it has adopted me now :|

An Albanian from New York

I was returning from India, back to the US, earlier this month. The flight was via Frankfurt, and I was more than glad to have gotten off Lufthansa’s straight-jacket style coach seats, and was actually looking forward to the merely-claustrophobia-inducing seats on US Airways. I made my way to into the aircraft half-dazed and half

My belated B’day bash

My b’day this year (not that I attach a special significance to it) was spent in South Padre Island, thanks to which my friends in College Station did not get a chance to celebrate it (translates to kick my ass, literally!) But such opportunities are not let go off that easily, and so they decided

Half way between the gutter and the stars

As I sit here, on the carpetted floor of Brownsville Airport in Texas, close to the border with mexico, I cant help but wonder at how the past 2 weeks have been. But before that, I find myself begging to tell you what I am doing here in the first place. The story is very