My Celebrity musician crushes

I was browsing through the dusty corners of my music collection. Stumbled upon Amy Grant. It has been a really long time since I listened to her songs. It was kinda nostalgic, and reminded me of my school days when every other week I used to ‘fall in love’ in some female singer/artist or another. I am kinda reliving those days now, I am watching old videos of all those songs that had me captivated thanks to the beautiful faces on screen.
I am sure everyone has their list of music celebrities that they have had crushes on… Here’s mine (in no particular order of preference):

Amy Grant Amy Grant, it started with the video ‘Baby, Baby’. Saw it again today. I still find her beautiful. She has that almost innocent charm in that video… takes me back many years :)
Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani, I first saw her in the video ‘don’t Speak’. I kept hunting for her videos and pics for a long time. Of course, her talent goes a long way in accenting her beauty. If it wasn’t for her voice and music.. well.. she’d be just another pretty face
Shania Twain Shania Twain , The first time I heard her voice was on a tape that I borrowed form my classmate in school in my 12th grade. The voice invoked a curiosity and then I saw her in the album cover, oh man.. was she a sight! :)
Andrea Corr Andrea Corr (Lead vocalist of ‘The Corrs’), Actually I love all the three of them, but I had to pick one, so here she is :) I like their style of music, especially the way they blend Irish folk music with pop.
Nancy Wilson Nancy Wilson (Heart), it was more of the symbol that she stood for that appealed to me. Woman in rock.. she was the perfect personification
Belinda Carlisle Belinda Carlisle, I really dont know why I liked her so much.. sure she’s got a pretty face, but then so do a million other people. There is something about her… Still cant put my finger on it.
Paula Abdul Paula Abdul, I saw her first the music video ‘opposites attract’. The raw sensuality that she exuded had me hooked.
Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter, Aaaaahhh…. she was something else. Her voice is the sweetest thing I have heard to date. She is one person that I fell for solely because of her voice. It was so heavenly, you just cant get enough of it. Keep wondering if I am still over her ;)

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