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Networking For Success: What, Why, and How

  I wrote an article on Rediff about the importance of networking in context with studying abroad (in the US). What I had to say holds true for pretty much everyone. So here is a more general version of the article that appeared in Rediff.   Networking is the act of expanding one’s social sphere

We want your…. money?… no… help?!?

CORRECTION! As has been duly pointed out by the CATS Project Founder in the comment, no email was sent. It is a page on the CATS website. My comment still stands though…. This is still really funny! :) This was an email sent to a group of investors by Cognizo Technologies (apparently). One of the

An Albanian from New York

I was returning from India, back to the US, earlier this month. The flight was via Frankfurt, and I was more than glad to have gotten off Lufthansa’s straight-jacket style coach seats, and was actually looking forward to the merely-claustrophobia-inducing seats on US Airways. I made my way to into the aircraft half-dazed and half

Ek Chidiya

For old times sake… Something I grew up watching during the doordarshan days. Ek Chidiya on YouTube