Monthly Archives: November 2008

I am not in Costa Rica because I am not Muslim

I was supposed to be in Costa Rica this week. Instead, I am still in College Station, Texas. Mostly because I am not Muslim. Sounds weird? Read on. My flight on Delta Airlines was supposed to leave on Friday at 5:45 AM from Houston International Airport. I got there about an hour before departure and

U.S. may embrace Obama, Aggie racism marches on, yet

This happened on the evening of Nov. 4th. After Obama was pronounced as the new president of USA, a bunch of us decided to hit a near by bar for a few drinks. When we got there, we saw a bunch of Aggies with T-shirts that said “Beat the hell outta Obama”. Before I go

Collision on I-35

It has been a couple of days now, and I have been able to internalize what happened and actually build the story of my accident on the Interstate I-35 near Hillsboro, Texas. I started from Denton early in the afternoon towards College Station. After a long dry spell, it has been raining since noon. I

Anil Kumble retires from Test cricket

I woke up this working to the news of Kumble’s retirement. While it did come as a surprise, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. What surprised me was the timing, in the middle of a test series. However, one can’t help but admire everything that he has given to the game and to the team. One event