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Look what the cat dragged in! Itself.

Last night, while I was watching TV, I heard loud crying. I walked out of my apartment to find myself in front of a crying cat! So I looked at it and said “What?” In response it just walked in and claimed the apartment as its own! I guess it has adopted me now :|

Big Banyan Tree near Bangalore

My month long vacation back home in Bangalore began on the 10th of this month. It started with a visit to the Big Banyan Tree. It is a 400 year old Banyan Tree (that’s Strangler Fig, for you Yankees ;) ) that spans over 2 acres. It was quite a sight to see with aerial

I am not in Costa Rica because I am not Muslim

I was supposed to be in Costa Rica this week. Instead, I am still in College Station, Texas. Mostly because I am not Muslim. Sounds weird? Read on. My flight on Delta Airlines was supposed to leave on Friday at 5:45 AM from Houston International Airport. I got there about an hour before departure and

Collision on I-35

It has been a couple of days now, and I have been able to internalize what happened and actually build the story of my accident on the Interstate I-35 near Hillsboro, Texas. I started from Denton early in the afternoon towards College Station. After a long dry spell, it has been raining since noon. I