The MPs get a pay rise

For those still in the dark, the MPs or Members of Parliament (in the US, their counterparts are called senators and congressmen) in India have given themselves a whopping 300% pay rise! Wait, it gets even better: they are claiming that 300% is too less, and have held up proceedings in the lower house!

The sane will wonder the justification in such a pay rise given that a crippling double digit inflation is strangling the nation’s economy. But the smart figure out a justification for it. Here’s how it goes…. well, on second thoughts, maybe someone who is an expert in these matters should explain them to you. And of course I am referring to Sir Humphry and Sir Arnold. :)

Here is a clip from one of my all time favourite TV series Yes Prime Minister, that describes the entire process in hilarious detail: [link (part 2), link (part 3)]

Part 2:

Part 3:

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