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Jan Lokpal Bill: More than what meets the eye

Anna Hazare’s fast unto death has entered its third day, and I am still conflicted about whether the Jan Lokpal Bill (in support of which Hazare has launched his fast) will actually address the problem of rampant corruption in India. To be clear, the Lokpal Bill (Ombudsman Bill) proposed by the lawmakers in India as

The MPs get a pay rise

For those still in the dark, the MPs or Members of Parliament (in the US, their counterparts are called senators and congressmen) in India have given themselves a whopping 300% pay rise! Wait, it gets even better: they are claiming that 300% is too less, and have held up proceedings in the lower house! The

Emergency in Pakistan

Musharraf declares emergency in Pakistan, replacing the chief justice before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president. The best reaction that US could give was that it was ‘disappointed’ (that is was ‘deeply disturbed’ and ‘urges’ Pakistan to return to democracy). Disappointed!? Is that it? Whatever happened to all the rhetoric about

Halloween and US Foreign Policy

Bush, Cheny, Libby, Rumsfelt, and others probably loved Halloween more than any other holiday. Something tells me that the lessons they took away from Halloween was the primary motivation for the foreign policy that they chose for their hapless nation. Still with me? No? Then let me explain. Halloween is the Christianized bastardization of the