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Corporate Consolidation in Web 2.0

In the 1960s, USA was host to a huge array of small business and stores. They have all but disappeared. The consolidation of corporations into the gaints that we see now have either gobbled up the mom-and-pop stores or driven them out of business. This started with the deregulation under Regan in the 80s. Next

On the maturation of social media

In this recent article, Newsweek claims that traditional social media like blogs and upcoming ones like twitter are on the decline because we as a people are simply too lazy and wouldn’t do something for free [hat tip: Patrix]. Newsweek has really embarrassed itself with this post. Let me explain how. First, let us examine

My interview on Information Underground with Teddy Wilson on KEOS 89.1FM

I was on the radio show Information Underground with Teddy Wilson on KEOS 89.1FM Bryan/College Station. We discussed blogging, bloggers, the blogsphere, their influence on mainstream media, and the future of blogging. Here is the entire radio show sourced from Blogtalkradio: Listen to internet radio with Teddy on KEOS on Blog Talk Radio

Social Media: on why Obama won and Palin won’t

Obama’s unprecedented use of social media as a critical marketing and canvasing tool to enable his historic victory in the 2008 presidential race has been dissected and beaten to death. I am not here to resurrect that zombie. However, I will take a singular incident of his campaign to illustrate my point (that is, why