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Corporate Consolidation in Web 2.0

In the 1960s, USA was host to a huge array of small business and stores. They have all but disappeared. The consolidation of corporations into the gaints that we see now have either gobbled up the mom-and-pop stores or driven them out of business. This started with the deregulation under Regan in the 80s. Next

Testing our morals for forgiveness

I used to hold grudges against people for wronging me. With time I learned to forgive them, but I don’t think I ever forgot what they did to me. Interestingly, the deeds I remember the most are the ones I have been able to forgive the least. Even now I hold a childhood grudge which

If your site has been compromised with phishing attack code…

I recently recevied the following email: To whom it may concern: Please be aware that Wachovia Corporation (“Wachovia”) is the owner of numerous United States and foreign trade marks and services marks used in connection with its financial services and products (the “Wachovia Marks”), including the Wachovia wordmark and Wachovia logo.  Wachovia has expended substantial

Net Neutrality: what is it really about?

Net Neutrality has been an ongoing debate for quite a few years now. In its simplest terms, net neutrality is a principle that states that all traffic on the internet must be treated the same way; that there should be no preferential treatment to a specific kind or class of traffic. The are many camps