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Military-Industrial Complex as a force for good? Since when?

Josy Joseph argues in the Times of India (ToI) article “Farewell to foreign arms?” that India would benefit from a Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) as a “force for good”. Joseph’s argument is that our reliance on foreign powers for adequate military fire power is hurting us in two ways: (a) its draining our economy, and (b)

U.S. may embrace Obama, Aggie racism marches on, yet

This happened on the evening of Nov. 4th. After Obama was pronounced as the new president of USA, a bunch of us decided to hit a near by bar for a few drinks. When we got there, we saw a bunch of Aggies with T-shirts that said “Beat the hell outta Obama”. Before I go

Slacker Uprising

Hey, Rock the Vote may no have worked as well, maybe this will: Slacker Uprising will be available for free download soon.

Smoking ban?… uh, no.

Mr. Ramadoss has spoken, he is stepping up his fight against tobacco smoking. From October 2nd, a blanket ban on indoor smoking goes into effect. While I understand that the intention is to reduce the prevalence of smoking, a major health concern in India, and protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke, I do not understand how