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Opiate of the Intelligentsia

This post is a coalescence of a discussion I had with my friend Nick over Facebook status updates. I thought it worthwhile to share the outcome of the discussion. Recently, Jon Stewart did his piece “I give up” on the fact that while the conservative political machine has been painting the public workers (like teachers

Donate for Haiti – With Care

The 7.0 earthquake that rocked Haiti on Jan 12th has left all of us reeling. All of us want to help in any way we can. Before you rush out to make donations either in cash or in kind, please keep in mind a few things below: Know the organization you are donating to: It

Smoking ban?… uh, no.

Mr. Ramadoss has spoken, he is stepping up his fight against tobacco smoking. From October 2nd, a blanket ban on indoor smoking goes into effect. While I understand that the intention is to reduce the prevalence of smoking, a major health concern in India, and protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke, I do not understand how

Sex education is here… without the ‘sex’ part

Finally, its here. The prototype of India’s new sex education manual is ready! It’s all fine and wonderful except for the fact that it talks about everything except sex. That’s right, we now have a neutered sex education manual of little utilitarian value. Its unfortunate to see such an important issue be muddied by politics,