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When science went international

The notion of international conferences are a commonplace anymore. But such was not the case over 150 years ago. The first international scientific conference was held on Sept. 3rd, 1860. Sarah Everts marks the 150 years of science as international discipline with this fascinating article in C&E News. Here is an excerpt: When the 1860

On P versus NP, layperson’s edition

Recently, slashdot went berserk with Vinay Deolalikar’s manuscript (in progress) that claims P is not equal to NP. For a detailed generalist’s explanation of the P vs. NP problem, check out MIT’s website. Now many of you might ask “WTF is P, NP, and why should I care?” I am here to tell you that

SMUT, I love it!

With due apologies to Tom Lehrer… Actually the SMUT I am talking about is an acronym S.M.U.T.: “Subversive Manifesto for Underground Technology.” It is a monthly event that was started by Tracy Hammond (twitter), Cody Marx Bailey (twitter), and Christopher Zebo in Bryan/College Station, Texas, USA. The “official” blurb is: S.M.U.T. is famous academics giving

On Cars…

I am not sure if it is just me or the past few days seem to be all about cars. New cars, old cars, concept cars, and more. Here are a few interesting things that I discovered about cars in the past few days: While going downhill, does it consume more fuel to coast on