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SMUT, I love it!

With due apologies to Tom Lehrer… Actually the SMUT I am talking about is an acronym S.M.U.T.: “Subversive Manifesto for Underground Technology.” It is a monthly event that was started by Tracy Hammond (twitter), Cody Marx Bailey (twitter), and Christopher Zebo in Bryan/College Station, Texas, USA. The “official” blurb is: S.M.U.T. is famous academics giving

Philosophical Forays into Justice with Michael Sandel

Prof. Michael Sandel from Harvard University offered a 12-lecture course on “Justice: A Journey in Moral Reasoning” last year. Prof. Sandel makes a wonderful argument for studying philosophy as a means for understanding the answers that we already know, and he goes on to warn the audience that understanding political and social philosophy is, ironically, going to make you worse citizens, not better! You couldn’t ask for a more provocative set up to the lectures!

Here is the first video of the 12 [link:]

Applying for a PhD: Looking for the right US school

This post is supposed to be a guide to students who are looking to the schools in the USA for PhD. My only authority on the subject matter is that I am currently doing a PhD myself, and in the six years I have spent in the program and the system, and talked to several

Dr. Bindra I presume?

Abhinav Bindra has been conferred with an honorary doctorate from SRM University in Chennai. Honest! I am not making this up! Ask Times of India and NDTV! What amazed me was that very few were outraged by it, well except for Mekhala. She makes a good point in her blog post when she asks, “…[sic]