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More on Afridi

Looks like Afridi’s comments (similar to the ones I talked about in my previous post) are raising quite a storm in India and elsewhere, especially in the online community. He said something to the effect that Indians do not have as large a heart as Pakistanis and Muslims do. Since the proverbial fit hit the

Afridi’s Turncoat Act

When Pakistan cricket team returned home after their semi-final loss to India, the media mobbed skipper Shahid Afridi and asked him about the loss to India. In response, Afridi got pretty aggressive and asked the media (and I am paraphrasing here) “Why are you against India? Why the hatred? Our rituals are borrowed from India;

Should penalty shoot outs be before extra time or after?

Given that the football world cup is over, I may have missed the window on this one, but it still is interesting! The relevant current rules in football (that’s ‘soccer’ in Yankeeism  ) as as follows: teams play during 90 minutes. If, at the end of regular time, teams are tied (an event which, contrary

Anil Kumble retires from Test cricket

I woke up this working to the news of Kumble’s retirement. While it did come as a surprise, it wasn’t entirely unexpected. What surprised me was the timing, in the middle of a test series. However, one can’t help but admire everything that he has given to the game and to the team. One event