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Should penalty shoot outs be before extra time or after?

Given that the football world cup is over, I may have missed the window on this one, but it still is interesting! The relevant current rules in football (that’s ‘soccer’ in Yankeeism  ) as as follows: teams play during 90 minutes. If, at the end of regular time, teams are tied (an event which, contrary

Biofuel: Its Biomass, not corn that holds the key

Biofuel has been marketed as the fuel for the future, our key to independence from oil and the middle east, the solution to global warming, and everything else under the sun. But the reality is very different from the propaganda. As it turns out, the so called corn-based ‘clean’ fuel is not so clean after all. To understand why, lets see why people claim biofuel to be all that they say it is.

PhDs in India

This post is in response to Abi’s post on getting more students to pursue PhD in India. While I agree with all of the points and suggestions in the original post, I think we are missing some important points. Looking at it as a problem in economics, the effort is to create a market for


The 31st G8 summit was held in Scotland sometime in 2005. One of the issues discussed was world poverty. Over 225,000 people took to the street in Edinburgh, calling on the world leaders at the summit to ‘Make Poverty History’. Live 8, a concert organized coinciding with the g8 summit, was a call for attention