Monthly Archives: May 2004

Italian Bitch all set to rule ignorant india

Damn! what a shame! Sad to see that the india has chosen to be ruled by an alien :( Speaks of the extent of ingorance and illiteracy prevalent in india, and also answers the question “Why isnt there a political will to educate the masses?” Face it, no one is really interested in ruling the

Click on advts to earn money – It’s True!!

I couldnt believe it myself, but apparently, its true!! I enrolled myself, and looks like they do pay you for that! Although I havent tried to encash the money itself (it’s a measely 80 paise :)) You guys can check it out here

What Kurt Vonnegut said some time back….

I was reading some of the articles linked to the post No news and Kurt Vonnegut Jr. at Moon Jungle’s blog. This was one snippet from one of the articles that had me in splits, Do you know what a Luddite is? That’s a person who doesn’t like newfangled contraptions. Contraptions like nuclear submarines armed

Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

just finished reading Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. An amazing piece of literature. Here is my formal review of the book: Book Title: Cat’s Cradle Author: Kurt Vonnegut Genre: Science Fiction Review: The mixing of religion and politics into an unholy, macabre government is an all too familiar concept that has been harped upon by