Monthly Archives: August 2004

America and Distances

The americans built this country on the carcasses of the innocent native american men, and boy do they know how to flaunt their booty! Thanks to the vast expanses of land available the americans have the luxury of having things done BIG. A lot bigger than it needs to be. Bigger cars, bigger roads, bigger

"A Wild Sheep Chase" by Haruki Murakami

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese author with a lot of his work translated into english. “A Wild Sheep Chase” is my first introduction to Murakami’s works. This was suggested to me by a sweet lady at the reference desk in the university library. Incidentally, the university library is also a public library. My university being

The next season beings

Been a really, really long time since I last posted. I am making no excuses here. Its the inertia and lethargy again. A lot’s happened since my last post. For one, I am currently at geographically diametric position with respect to where I was at my last post. I am 10.5 hrs behind India. That’s