Monthly Archives: September 2004

Beggers cant be choosers(?)

A huge number of students in India have this “dream” of going (coming) to the US for their higher studies. Face it, studies or education is their last passion. They are in this mad rush simply because this is an easy route to immigrating to the US. The most typical illustration of this can be

Spider man goes desi

I knew that marvel was releasing an indian version of spider man… but didnt realize this was going to be this hillarious… check out the Desi Spiderman “Pavitr Prabhakar” (Peter Parker) at Gotham Comics Here is a peek at what Pavitr Prabhakar looks like when he becomes spider man…. lol

Cooking 101

Now that I have to adhere to a lifestyle dominated by frugality, it has become impertive that I start cooking to save my skin (and that of three others who happen to occupy the same apartment as I do). As I go through this process of self-enlightenment in unraveling the intricacies of cuisine assassination, I

Enjoying limited means of subsistence

Not so long ago I had a comfortable job. A place of my own with most the luxuries that a bachelor wants, a swelling bank balance, and money was not an issue. Now, less than a month since, here I am with something close to zilch in my bank (and going down), no car, a