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Applying for a PhD: Looking for the right US school

This post is supposed to be a guide to students who are looking to the schools in the USA for PhD. My only authority on the subject matter is that I am currently doing a PhD myself, and in the six years I have spent in the program and the system, and talked to several

Aggie Racism marches on

The Aggies are all about traditions. It ranges from the inexplicable (now defunct) burning of a huge pile of wood (fatal accidents notwithstanding), to the nascent excitement of yelling on the midnight before football games, to the poignant homage to the dead through Muster and Silver Taps. Last month, we lost 6 Aggies. The second

Sex education is here… without the ‘sex’ part

Finally, its here. The prototype of India’s new sex education manual is ready! It’s all fine and wonderful except for the fact that it talks about everything except sex. That’s right, we now have a neutered sex education manual of little utilitarian value. Its unfortunate to see such an important issue be muddied by politics,

PhDs in India

This post is in response to Abi’s post on getting more students to pursue PhD in India. While I agree with all of the points and suggestions in the original post, I think we are missing some important points. Looking at it as a problem in economics, the effort is to create a market for