Monthly Archives: June 2006

Meteorite Collision – YouTube

Here’s an unscientific simulation of what happens if a huge meteorite hits the earth. Beautifully done :)

Call any phone in the US for free!!

After considerable research, experimenting and testing I have finally come up with a way for people worldwide to call any phone in US for free. This has been tested from India and it works. I dont see any reason why it shouldnt work from other countries. Minimum requirements: High speed internet connection (DSL, Cable internet).

Darwin’s theory at work

Man who set himself ablaze to protest screening of ‘Fanna’ dies If only everyone who attempted something so stupid met the same fate.. world would be a much better to place to live in.. sigh…

The most profound kannada (in fact, english) song ever

This is the most ridiculously funny song ever….. Click Here to view the video.