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Sex Riding the Tech Wave (NSFW)

Its not surprise that technology has been influenced heavily by people wanting to have sex or see other people have sex. Historically, when printing press came out, we had porn books follow soon; in the VHS vs. BetaMax war, VHS won primarily because porn videos were released in VHS and not in BetaMax (because BetaMax tapes, at least initially, were only 60 min. long); similarly when cameras came out, we had porn photographs. Why when Poloroids came out, you had home made porn hitting the cultural market in no time! So where is technology driving sex/porn now (or is it the other way around)?

If your site has been compromised with phishing attack code…

I recently recevied the following email: To whom it may concern: Please be aware that Wachovia Corporation (“Wachovia”) is the owner of numerous United States and foreign trade marks and services marks used in connection with its financial services and products (the “Wachovia Marks”), including the Wachovia wordmark and Wachovia logo.  Wachovia has expended substantial

Home Wireless Network without a router

Digg this article. Ever wondered if you could get a short-range wireless network (for your home) without a wireless router? Well, it is possible. Here’s how: Things you need A home computer/laptop with an Ethernet port and wireless card (this computer will then double up as a wireless router). Internet connection that terminates at your

Mailplane, reviewed

To put succinctly, Mailplane is Gmail with MAC OS X UI (Sorry, there is no windows port as of now). Its like a browser that renders gmail, and gmail alone. I have been using Mailplane for a few days now here are my first impressions. Like most MAC applications, Mailplane is ridiculously easy to install,