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Applying for a PhD: Looking for the right US school

This post is supposed to be a guide to students who are looking to the schools in the USA for PhD. My only authority on the subject matter is that I am currently doing a PhD myself, and in the six years I have spent in the program and the system, and talked to several

Dr. Bindra I presume?

Abhinav Bindra has been conferred with an honorary doctorate from SRM University in Chennai. Honest! I am not making this up! Ask Times of India and NDTV! What amazed me was that very few were outraged by it, well except for Mekhala. She makes a good point in her blog post when she asks, “…[sic]

Pakistani office mate

So I have a new office mate, and she is Pakistani. Sometimes things just fall in place so beautifully that you cant resist but make up a story. This would be one of those times. We both have the same academic adviser, and she’s American. I also have a Russian in my PhD committee. You