Monthly Archives: June 2005

In my backyard… behind the parking garage

Look what I found behind the parking garage! Here is the rest of it :)

My Celebrity musician crushes

I was browsing through the dusty corners of my music collection. Stumbled upon Amy Grant. It has been a really long time since I listened to her songs. It was kinda nostalgic, and reminded me of my school days when every other week I used to ‘fall in love’ in some female singer/artist or another.

Hate Crime

It happened over 2 weeks ago. Here is the link to the police report. An Indian grad student was biking back to the apartment at 2 in the morning. A van passed by him and stopped at the stop signal… for an unusually long time. The student turned left and cycled on.. the van followed

How to drive a stick shift?

This is something a lot of us (esp. from India) take for granted. I own a stick shift car, and changing gears comes really easy to me. But I have seen people struggle real hard to try and figure out how to drive a stick shift car. The picture below describes the entire process clearly,