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Orpheus and Adi Shankara

I have always had a fascination for mythology. Greek and Indian mythology have been my favourite mostly because they have everything that makes for great story telling regardless of your intentions. Be it allegories, or moral pontifications, or spiritual preaching, or even pulp fiction and good ‘ol smut: they have it all! Very few mythologies

It’s Inglis; English is so last year…

The post by Patrix on (an linking to a post on) Marathi English reminded me of a flyer that a good friend of mine  (who now lives in Gurgaon, India) had emailed to me for my amusement. The text of her email said, “Folks, here in Haryana, we are accustomed to language of the finest

Five dollar, me love you long time!

I came across this at the local half-price book store: I find it hard to believe that such excrement is still sold like it is worth something. But, to Half-Price’s credit, its priced at less than half the original price. In fact, $5 is more like 25% of the original price. Seeing that price tag,

Look what the cat dragged in! Itself.

Last night, while I was watching TV, I heard loud crying. I walked out of my apartment to find myself in front of a crying cat! So I looked at it and said “What?” In response it just walked in and claimed the apartment as its own! I guess it has adopted me now :|