Lost Dog. Now in Brazos Animal Shelter

Just following up on my earlier tweet about the lost dog.

I found a dog lost and confused between Lynn Dr. and Sulphur Springs Rd. on South College Ave. in Bryan [Google Maps link] at around 9:45 PM in the evening. I saw it as I was driving to KEOS. It was sitting in the middle of the road and all traffic was going around her. I pulled over and tried to get it to move to the side. It was dazed and very afraid. At first it started moving away from me in fear, but I managed to get her out of the street. She is obviously someone’s pet since she has a collar.

I called Brazos police who then transferred to me Brazos animal control. To make a long story short, I have dropped it off at the fenced side yard at Brazos Animal Shelter. Everyone in Bryan/College Station area please spread the word so that the owner may collect the dog. I fear that if the owner does not claim her in three days, she might be put down (Brazos animal shelter it not a no-kill shelter; they kill animals that they deemed not likely to be adopted).

(Location of where I found the dog) View Larger Map

Here are a few pictures of the dog to help the owner identify it.

It’s a really nice and friendly dog. I’ll be really sad if it is put down. Please share this post on Facebook/Twitter/MySpace/listserv/email or any other means to get the owner to see it.

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