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Net Neutrality: what is it really about?

Net Neutrality has been an ongoing debate for quite a few years now. In its simplest terms, net neutrality is a principle that states that all traffic on the internet must be treated the same way; that there should be no preferential treatment to a specific kind or class of traffic. The are many camps

Drugs are wrong? Really? How can you be so sure?

I was reading VK Narayanan’s post advocating the criminalization of drugs last week. The post was a rebuttal of Jug Suraiya’s argument for legalization of drugs. It was an interesting exercise in analytical deconstruction insofar as it did NOT yield itself to such a deconstruction. It reminds me of Richard Bach’s quote from ‘Running from

Trial by Jury – A Flawed Model

Trial by jury is a popular concept in the justice system. I haven’t yet understood how it is better than having a trained professional weigh evidence and award the judgment. I see it as a system that is prone to fault, and worse, fault undetectably! When stripped down to essentials, the Jury is a collection

$220K, the RIAA, and more

Now that Jaimme Thomas has decided to appeal against the verdict that held her liable to the tune of $220K in the lawsuit against RIAA, the old debate of Copyright laws, Digital Right Management and the RIAA itself have resurfaced. For starts, the case itself was resolved in a somewhat shady manner. The judge required