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Making Your Presentations Portable

I had the following problem(s): I had a fairly large presentation which I had to share among several people for review. Not everyone was running the same version of Powerpoint, and not everyone used Windows. People who wouldn’t be able to make it to my actual presentation wanted to be able to view it (along

Gmail with IMAP — First Impressions

Finally, over a week and a half after the initial announcement, IMAP was finally enabled on all my Gmail accounts. Until now I used POP to access my emails from gmail, and had to use the ‘recent:’ option to be able to access my emails from multiple locations. With IMAP, thankfully, that will change soon.

Home Wireless Network without a router

Digg this article. Ever wondered if you could get a short-range wireless network (for your home) without a wireless router? Well, it is possible. Here’s how: Things you need A home computer/laptop with an Ethernet port and wireless card (this computer will then double up as a wireless router). Internet connection that terminates at your