Monthly Archives: April 2004

Got a Gmail accountt!!!!!

I got a Gmail account today! It is being given out to all active users of I guess the users double up a beta testers. Just browsing through their features and options. It’s far out! Very impressive. This is innovation at work. Typically all web based email accounts were nothing more than email clients


Saturday evening was a blast! Anjali got us tickets for the rock show at PESIT (an engineering college in the located in the fringes of civilization). She couldnt make it, and was pretty sore about it. I must admit that she did miss something good, my heart goes out to her. She actually went out

Software patents – if software can be patented, anything can be patented

The controversy over software patents have been going on for a long time. I was going through some of the patents granted under this category, and I couldnt help laughing at the absurdity of the patents, the ideas that were patented. The whole thing is ridiculous. Patents are typically awarded to inventions and new ideas.

For all those who didnt see LOTR

Came across this really cool gif that… ah.. well, pretty much shows you the Lord of the Rings in a condensed form :) Click Here for the pic. You can find lots of such fun stuff Here Enjoy!!