Monthly Archives: March 2008

Sex education is here… without the ‘sex’ part

Finally, its here. The prototype of India’s new sex education manual is ready! It’s all fine and wonderful except for the fact that it talks about everything except sex. That’s right, we now have a neutered sex education manual of little utilitarian value. Its unfortunate to see such an important issue be muddied by politics,

Drugs are wrong? Really? How can you be so sure?

I was reading VK Narayanan’s post advocating the criminalization of drugs last week. The post was a rebuttal of Jug Suraiya’s argument for legalization of drugs. It was an interesting exercise in analytical deconstruction insofar as it did NOT yield itself to such a deconstruction. It reminds me of Richard Bach’s quote from ‘Running from

Is it unpatriotic to feel ashamed?

Having lived in the US for over three and a half years, having seen the politics here, the blatant lies, the discrimination, the complete lack of moral responsibility or compass that the administration and the public choose to brandish, I have always savored the hard earned yearly trips back to India in December. I have