Monthly Archives: April 2008

Is IPL killing the cohesion in the Indian cricket team?

If the row between Sreesanth and Harbhajan is any indication, the Indian cricket team may end up paying a heavy price for IPL. IPL seems to threaten Indian team’s cohesion. Apparently, after the match between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab, Sreesanth who was on the winning side walked up to Harbhajan Singh — the

Net Neutrality: what is it really about?

Net Neutrality has been an ongoing debate for quite a few years now. In its simplest terms, net neutrality is a principle that states that all traffic on the internet must be treated the same way; that there should be no preferential treatment to a specific kind or class of traffic. The are many camps

Making Your Presentations Portable

I had the following problem(s): I had a fairly large presentation which I had to share among several people for review. Not everyone was running the same version of Powerpoint, and not everyone used Windows. People who wouldn’t be able to make it to my actual presentation wanted to be able to view it (along

Symptoms of the artless

Let us begin with pictures, shall we? :) To the left, is a picture of students of DAV College in Chandigargh protesting St. Valentine’s Day and the public display of affection by, well, people. And to the right is a group of people in Manhattan protesting the war in Iraq. Do you see any difference