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Jan Lokpal Bill: More than what meets the eye

Anna Hazare’s fast unto death has entered its third day, and I am still conflicted about whether the Jan Lokpal Bill (in support of which Hazare has launched his fast) will actually address the problem of rampant corruption in India. To be clear, the Lokpal Bill (Ombudsman Bill) proposed by the lawmakers in India as

Opiate of the Intelligentsia

This post is a coalescence of a discussion I had with my friend Nick over Facebook status updates. I thought it worthwhile to share the outcome of the discussion. Recently, Jon Stewart did his piece “I give up” on the fact that while the conservative political machine has been painting the public workers (like teachers

Testing our morals for forgiveness

I used to hold grudges against people for wronging me. With time I learned to forgive them, but I don’t think I ever forgot what they did to me. Interestingly, the deeds I remember the most are the ones I have been able to forgive the least. Even now I hold a childhood grudge which

My interview on Information Underground with Teddy Wilson on KEOS 89.1FM

I was on the radio show Information Underground with Teddy Wilson on KEOS 89.1FM Bryan/College Station. We discussed blogging, bloggers, the blogsphere, their influence on mainstream media, and the future of blogging. Here is the entire radio show sourced from Blogtalkradio: Listen to internet radio with Teddy on KEOS on Blog Talk Radio