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Truth Values… a play

I had an enjoyable evening yesterday all thanks to a fabulous performance by Gioia De Cari  Truth Values: One Girl’s Romp Through M.I.T.’s Male Math Maze. It is an autobiographical account of Gioia’s years as a doctoral student in the Math department at MIT. The performance was a part of MIT’s 150th anniversary celebration. Gioia is

Gmail with IMAP — First Impressions

Finally, over a week and a half after the initial announcement, IMAP was finally enabled on all my Gmail accounts. Until now I used POP to access my emails from gmail, and had to use the ‘recent:’ option to be able to access my emails from multiple locations. With IMAP, thankfully, that will change soon.

Zeitgeist — second thoughts

My previous post on the movie “Zeitgeist” was made right after I saw the movie. After reflecting on the movie, spending some time looking at the website, the cited sources etc., I have a slightly different opinion of the movie now. (Having said that, I still recommend people seeing this movie. The attempt and effort