Monthly Archives: October 2007

Legalities with Pit Bull

At my local community radio station, a pit bull puppy was found; presumably lost. There was some discussion about what should be done with it, should it be handed over to animal shelter? During the discussion, one of the volunteers has this to say about it: Calling animal control for a Pit Bull in this

Home Wireless Network without a router

Digg this article. Ever wondered if you could get a short-range wireless network (for your home) without a wireless router? Well, it is possible. Here’s how: Things you need A home computer/laptop with an Ethernet port and wireless card (this computer will then double up as a wireless router). Internet connection that terminates at your

Beauty Ideals from the Social Ladder

The beauty ideal continues to change with time; the best evidence for it is the way people presented themselves in the movies from various eras. Of course, the beauty ideal also varies from one geographic region to another, from one culture to another. For instance, in India, fairness is a yardstick for how beautiful someone

$220K, the RIAA, and more

Now that Jaimme Thomas has decided to appeal against the verdict that held her liable to the tune of $220K in the lawsuit against RIAA, the old debate of Copyright laws, Digital Right Management and the RIAA itself have resurfaced. For starts, the case itself was resolved in a somewhat shady manner. The judge required