Monthly Archives: November 2007

Christianity: A Maschoism Tango?

As Patrix mentioned, I was one of the organizers of Brazos Valley Worldfest. One of the displays at the fest was of Bryan House of Prayer. Their theme was ‘the various faces of Christianity world over’. They displayed a world map which marked all the countries which were ‘hostile’ to Christianity. The interesting thing about

Trial by Jury – A Flawed Model

Trial by jury is a popular concept in the justice system. I haven’t yet understood how it is better than having a trained professional weigh evidence and award the judgment. I see it as a system that is prone to fault, and worse, fault undetectably! When stripped down to essentials, the Jury is a collection

Gmail with IMAP — First Impressions

Finally, over a week and a half after the initial announcement, IMAP was finally enabled on all my Gmail accounts. Until now I used POP to access my emails from gmail, and had to use the ‘recent:’ option to be able to access my emails from multiple locations. With IMAP, thankfully, that will change soon.

Emergency in Pakistan

Musharraf declares emergency in Pakistan, replacing the chief justice before a crucial Supreme Court ruling on his future as president. The best reaction that US could give was that it was ‘disappointed’ (that is was ‘deeply disturbed’ and ‘urges’ Pakistan to return to democracy). Disappointed!? Is that it? Whatever happened to all the rhetoric about