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Zeitgeist — second thoughts

My previous post on the movie “Zeitgeist” was made right after I saw the movie. After reflecting on the movie, spending some time looking at the website, the cited sources etc., I have a slightly different opinion of the movie now. (Having said that, I still recommend people seeing this movie. The attempt and effort

So India won the Twenty20 world cup

Am I the only one who suspects that India was allowed to win the cup in order to offset the massive losses that corporate India suffered after India’s early exit in the one-day world cup in West Indies?


Zeitgeist — The movie although a conspiracy theory, and may not all true, does have some sense of reality in it. I am the first admit that there are quite a few ‘facts’ in the movie that are, well, just plain wrong. For instance, ‘Krishna’ being a virgin birth being one of them. However, be

PhDs in India

This post is in response to Abi’s post on getting more students to pursue PhD in India. While I agree with all of the points and suggestions in the original post, I think we are missing some important points. Looking at it as a problem in economics, the effort is to create a market for